Question starting a foscam in chrome


Aug 20, 2016
ok i used to be able to do this but now it seems i can't so maybe someone can help me out?

i messed around and managed to format my c drive when tring to format a usb drive. yea i know. but after i get it all resetup i find now that when i ust the camera search tool to open a network camera it opens in edge and not chrome.

before when that happened it turned out i did not have chrome as the default browser, but chrome is the default broswer now and i still can't get the foscam cameras to open in chrome. when i double clck in the camera search tool it wants to open edge and there i see the camera fine. but what i need is for the camera to open in chrome like it has done for ever. i know there is a setting but now after the last update from windows it seems i can't find it.

so does anyone here happen to know how to keep edge from opeing when you click to open something and have that click open up in chrome?