Startup problems with the Acer aspire 5313 - Blank screen Help!


Aug 23, 2011
Hi I have an acer aspire 5313 laptop,only recently it has this blank screen when I start it
thought it was the windows.what can I do to resolve this?please help


Can you get to BIOS? Can you get to boot menu? Safe mode?

Have you tried recovery CD?

if your screen doesn't work at all. have you tried an external monitor? if not, try it. if external doesn't work you got a hardware problem inside the laptop that will need in-depth diagnostic. if external works, get a bright light, with computer running shine it at the screen, if you can see something you laptop backlight needs to be replaced (fairly simple procedure) if you can't see anything at all, further diagnostic required to determine if it's wiring or LCD fault, then replacement naturally.