State of the art solution for PC to HDTV streaming


Jan 9, 2012
I finally have set up a home theater room in my house and like most people I would like to be able to stream video content from my PC to the TV. The issue is that the PC is downstairs on one side of the house and the theater room is upstairs on the other side of the house. In addition, some of this content will be 1080p60 footage taken from an HD camcorder and I want the full 60 frame rate on the TV.

1. What is the most reliable wireless option out there?
2. If I had to go wired via an HDMI connection, can I do it through CAT6 cable(s)?
3. I also want the ability to use the computer at the theater TV. I assume that whatever solution there is for the video will also be able to mirror the Windows display on the TV?
4. How do I get mouse/keyboard control from the remote location?



1) I don't believe there a "reliable" solution exists.
2) You could try using something like this HDMI over Cat5/Cat6 solution.
3) With the HDTV set to whatever source you plug your HDMI over Cat6 solution into, your PC will have to be set to "Clone" mode (duplicate the main display onto the secondary display).
4) I'd probably recommend going with running a lengthy USB cable from the PC, along side your Cat6 video, to an IR Receiver and use a wireless keyboard/mouse/remote.

This is the Keyboard I use (there are cheaper options).
This is similar to the Remote Control that I use.

To be perfectly honest, I don't like any of these ideas (1-3). I know it's a more expensive option, but I'd really recommend building another PC for your Home Theater room and network it up with the PC your videos are on.

-Wolf sends
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