Question Static noise after upgrading PC parts.

Aug 7, 2021
Hello, I have recently upgraded my PC (CPU+Motherboard+RAM+M.2 SSD) and after trying everything out found out that when doing something demanding to the pc i hear quiet noise in my headphones.
The noise gets more noticeable as computer's usage raises - mainly observed it with GPU's usage (as it raises, the noise raises too, but not too much, still remains pretty quiet.
Now, i made some research and decided to try pulling out every audio cable and use bluetooth headphones, which surprisingly made the noise go away. I don't know whats the meaning of this as i don't know much about audio but i guess motherboard's(Gigabyte B560M DS3H) audio card's fault?
Btw. i didn't touch anything cable-wise (headphones etc.) when replacing PC's components so I highly doubt its their fault.
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