Static noise with Fiio K1 DAC and HyperX Cloud Alpha Headset


Jul 26, 2017
I recently bought the HyperX Cloud Alpha headset. I'm usuing it with a fiio k1 amp/dac. The fiio k1 definetely improves the audio compared to my onboard audio (which is from an Asrock Ab350m motherbaord which according to its specs has a 'Realtek ALC887 Audio Codec'

The problem I have is that, when I (using a splitter) plug the audio cable from the headset into the fiio k1 (which in connected to the PC by USB) and plug the microphone cable into the PC, I hear a static hum/buzz sound. This sound is not there if the microphone cable is unplugged, or the dac is not used for the headphones and everything is through the PC. However, the static is still there if I unplug the microphone from the headset (but the main cable which has been split by the splitter is still connected to the PC and the dac) and also the static is there from the headphones if I change the output to speakers in windows..

Would a solution be to buy a cheap soundcard such as this one

and use that just for the microhpone?

Thank you.
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