News Steam Deck won’t make Nintendo Switch hardware mistake, says Valve


Mar 25, 2018
I'll believe it when I see it ..... Most likely they are using the same Alps branded joysticks as Sony and Microsoft and they all have drift issues in a significant percentage of units .... I can only make it about a year before I have a drift problem with an Xbox controller at which point I just salvage a pot from on old controller and replace it in the controller I'm using ..... Problem is I just did that back around Christmas and only have 1 good pot left I can salvage off my junk unit
Jul 17, 2021
When I saw this article title, I was hoping it would be about Valve actually producing enough units to meet demand when released instead of having intentional supply shortages like Nintendo does with every new product launch. Looks like we'll all be dealing with Steamdeck scalpers on eBay already, while we'll just have to take their word for it about the joy-con drift thing for now...