Stereo speakers and sub work in realtek test but no other sound at all.

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Dec 19, 2016
So I have two normal speakers and a sub-woofer. In the past I had it set up so I had left, right, and the sub playing center. Now I want to change it to stereo speakers and a sub. On the back of my PC I have a green,blue,and pink jacks. Right now I have a audio jack plugged into the pink jack into a adapter that goes to rca. Then I have the rca plugged into my amp for center/sub. And when I plug the audio jack into the pink jack in realtek audio manager I get a popup giving me a few options that include center/sub out, which is what I chose. So in the maneger I have it set up in a 5:1 speaker setup with all of the speakers off except for the center and sub. After doing that it works flawlessly in the test but I have no other sound from any other program on my pc.
Pink is mic level stereo or mono input. Light Blue is line level stereo input. Inputs not outputs.
The left and right audio output jack is green.
The center sub audio out jack is orange.
If your PC has 5.1 as an option you would have this and a black audio output jack for the rears.
If you don't have these additional connections then you would split one of the front outputs and connect it to the sub input on the speakers. Not optimal.
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