STR-DN860 with Cable Box Configuration

Jul 2, 2018
My current setup:

Cable box--(HDMI)-->"Video" input on STR-DN860 --->ARC HDMI TV out-->HDMI on TV

I have two passive JBL bookshelf speakers connected to the Front L and R terminals

The TV is a Smart HD LG so I can switch between watching Netflix etc. or TV from cable box.

As it stands right now, the only audio setting on my STR-DN860 that produces audio that works is using the 2CH Stereo sound mode so that everything is playing through the two front speakers, but no subwoofer sound plays.

I recently just got a Polk PSW10 and want to have a "2.1" setup, of sorts where I have the sub and two speakers all working together. The problem is that the 2CH Stereo setting does not produce sound from the subwoofer.

I have learned the following things:

1. I don't know if my TV can do anything but stereo sound using the ARC setup, but it doesnt seem that way
2. When I use a blutooth device like my iphone, I can get sound from the sub and two speakers
3. when I set it to settings other than 2CH St, SOME channels work and some dont. I am guessing that is due to how the audio is coming through.

MY QUESTION/Call for advice: Is there a better way to have my 2 speakers and sub set up with this system? How can I get all three to work for my TV audio? Is it as simple as not using the ARC setup because doing so means I have to use 2CH Stereo, or should I be connecting my 2 speakers to different terminals on the back of the amp?

My apologies if this is too pedestrian or not explained well....

Thanks so much!
Most subwoofers don't have a high pass crossover on the speaker outputs. If they do it is usually 6 db per octave which doesn't take that much bass from the speakers. Using the sub out of the receiver is almost always better since that may have 12 to 24 db per octave sloped crossovers,
If the receiver has an auto set up with mic you can run that. If not you need use the speaker set up menu of the receiver. Set the fronts to small and the sub to yes. That will remove bass from the other speakers so they can play louder and cleaner. The receiver manual should have more info on what the setting mean.
If the sub has an LFE input use that. If not set the volume at about half and the crossover frequency all the way up. You make these adjustments from the receiver now.


I have that same Polk subwoofer. Actually, 2 of them.
5.2 setup.

On the back, there are speaker inputs and outputs.
You should be able to connect your current 2CH to the Inputs, and then the speakers connect to the Outputs.

I'm looking at the user manual right now.
I'd give you the page num, but they've chosen to not number the
Look through until you get to Option #2, 1/2way through the manual.
Jul 2, 2018

Hey, thanks for the quick response!

So the reason I would do this is because I only have the two speaker stereo setup? I will be connecting the front left and right speaker from the amp to the speaker in inputs. then i will run speaker out wires to the speakers.

So The speakers and sub will be on the same "level". I have heard this produces better sound, and I've heard this is not the best method.

Is there a particular reason why I couldn't use the line level input from sub to amp and use the stereo 2Channel setup, or is trying to do that complicated because I need to change the amp setting in such a way that screws up how the audio is produced (like I am experiencing now).

Thank you again! I am going to try this when I get home.



The Polk subwoofer acts as the crossover between sub and the two speakers.
You already have it, it has the inputs and outputs...try it. See what happens.

Specifically, here, from the manual:
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