Straight Talk service

Sep 21, 2018
Humbly seeking advice, I have been a loyal customer to ST for over 12 years. About 8 months ago, due to a clerical error on their part, my zip code was changed. After 3 weeks of phone calls, texts, Etc... The only response I get is that if they change my ZIP code back to the original one, I will have to change my phone number. In addition to this, I have had a gut full being throttled. It took almost 4 hours to order something online that should have taken about 30 minutes. This is my question: I live in a rural area with a Verizon tower approximately 5 miles away. I am researching new phones so that I may tell Straight Talk to shove it where the sun doesn't shine. Any suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated. By the way, I had very limited income, so I need the best phone service at the lowest rate possible for my needs. I am in the process of starting a new home based business, and high-speed internet is essential. Thanks in advance.


Not really sure what you are asking, are you asking for another carrier to use? That is not really a new phone, you can get a new phone but on the same service. What you can get depends on your area, if Verizon is the only one by you, Straight Talk or Verizon would be the best ones. Not sure why they say you need to change your phone number, even if you stop service fully and re-start it, if the phone number you had was not given away, they should be able to activate it under the same number.

Here is a list of carriers and the host network they use, see what is available in your area
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