Question Strange Issue Sharp ROUVO V phone

Jun 2, 2023
Hi - new here, Have an issue with a basic Android phone I ordered from VZW. The local VZW store folks had no answer for it. The VZW forum not helpful.


Got it up and running. Tested it calling my home (cable provider) land line. Works fine.
Recv'd a call works fine.

Called my gf - also a VZW user. It rings faintly but I can't hear her. no sound. If I call her & it rings to voice mail I hear a couple faint beeps when VM activates but no away message.
She can call my phone and there's no issue at all. I've tried testing this over a period of 10 days.

Any of my old phones work fine with calling her.

VZW store had me call phones withing their building - works fine.
This phone doesn't like the sound of her voice? Anyone ever experience or hear of such an issue? A hard reset was done twice. The VZW store rep replaced the SIM card with no change.

Thanks for reading!