Strange Noise from Right Tweeter



Hello there,

This is concerning the Corsair SP2500 speaker system. I’ve noticed odd interference noise emanating only from the right tweeter, it’s only audible after increasing the volume past half way. I tried checking all the cables were fastened, replacing the audio cable and adjusting settings on the remote but the issue persisted.

However, I connected a pair of headphones through the front panel and back panel and the noise was absent but once connected through the SP2500 remote the same noise was present through the headphones still on the right speaker. The noise is also absent while the PC boots but emerges straight after the windows boot animation. I connected the audio cable to my phone and then my ipod and again the tweeter was not producing the interference noise while the audio played perfectly. This has left me completely unsure of what the source is.

I've included a 15 second recording of the noise at max volume.

The noise doesn't interfere with quality of playback since it’s usually drowned out by audio but I would like to know if there is a way to fix this issue.

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