Strange Problem Wrong Inverter or Video Cable?


Sep 23, 2014
First of all sorry for my bad english.
Here is the Problem. I Have an Compaq PressarioCQ60-240EV the original Video Cable and Inverter Failed. So i Bought replacements From Ebay. So Far so good, I Hooked up the Videocable and the inverter the laptop boots the Screen shows a little difference in the lightning but stays black...NOTHING Just a slighty lightning.

Ive checked if i can see "something" but nothing. After that i bought a new Video cable same think. Nothing boots up just black with a slightly light in the background.

1. At this point i have to mention that the CQ60 has an CCFL 15.6" screen . I have 4 Old spare Screens 15.4" their ALL WORKING PERFECT hooked up onto the CQ60 with all of the 3 videocables i bought.

2. The original Compaq CQ60 15.6" Screen works perfect on other laptops.

Any Idea what could be my problem?

Thanks in advance!


Sep 23, 2014

Thank you for the respone.

I Have several 15.4" here the one i used most and worked fine with all of the 3 Videocables is
N154I2 -L02 REV.C1 (VVC10027AJ20793) (Dont know the brand for sure)

The Original 15.6" Compaq Screen is an [strike]Samsung LTN160AT01
(6I8HC7606D)[/strike] UPDATE my fault wrong screen thats the number of an old
16" I Have. The right one is LTN156AT01


I have bought 3 Videcables all are working with any of my 15.4 Screens
the 2 have their Pins in different positions (compared to the original cable)
the 1 has the pins at the right spot but says "15.4 lvds".
My PC Technician Shop in my town sad that they cant find the cable from
HP directly because its out of warranty they dont build anymore cables like that.

I have spend for 3 Cables and 1 Inverter 90 Euros. I dont wanna keep on
buying cables pay them and then see that they are useless to me.

And as i sad iam not pretty sure if its the cables OR the inverter.


UPDATE: The Original (Broken) Inverter model: 19.21072.081 W15-1 LF k CT: PAKAR013MX1RRK
The one i use right know 19.21072.013 WO6-A LF k CT: PCA48013MVLJJD
As far as my knowlegde goes the inverter powers the backlit, and it does it also on the original
screen (15.6") the backlit goes on but the screen stays Black.
Sorry for the late response, I was out of town, the inverter is powering the backlight, it is not doing anything else. For your cables, they give you the picture on the screen, if you have a blank screen, then, maybe the problem is on the motherboard of the laptop. Verify the connector for the screen on the motherboard, look for any pins who are not like the other.