Strange Screen lag while gaming but not on monitor


Apr 11, 2013

I notice a problem with my Y50-70, and been around since I have this laptop, my screen freezes randomly while gaming, I only play 2 games mostly as I have a small SSD,

DODs and COH2 both game have screen freeze issue when there is alot smoke or explosion going on, it like graphic card freeze and lagging some sort. However, it is only work on laptop screen! when I connect to a monitor it doesn't lag at all!

so i have no idea what to do. i thought my ram or HD issue used HD tune pro and Memtest86 both test shows no problem.

Here is my spec
Windows 10 home (upgrade few days ago same thing happen when it was windows 8.1)
16G DDR3L 12800 ram (1x Hynix 1x Crucial)
850 pro 256G SSD
860M 2G

Please do try these troubleshooting steps that might help.

- Open NVIDIA control panel and set your dedicated graphics card as the default card to run it.
- Click on Manage 3D settings and under Global Settings select High Performance NVIDIA processor.
- Next is to click on Program Settings then click Add under Select a program to customize.
- Browse for the .exe file of the game and click ADD
- Lastly is to download and install the latest graphics card driver that can be downloaded from NVIDIA support site
- Here's the link where you can download the latest graphics card driver.