Stranger Things 4 suffers from Netflix's biggest problem

Jun 1, 2022
Honestly, I loved the longer stories & felt that this was the strongest season since the first. Count me in the "Hopper" camp for weakest storyline.

Regarding the Satanic stuff, that's all '80s - when I was growing up, everyone was paniced about satanism - Ozzy was basically the devil himself - I'm surpised there were no references to playing Judas Priest backwards :D
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Jun 2, 2022
I agree 100% about loving the longer episodes! I don’t agree that anyone has a weak storyline, hoppers part felt drawn out but it’s building up to his escape and reunion with Joyce and eleven which will be fantastic! This is something we’ve been waiting and hoping for since the ending of season 3 and the rumors that went around about it. I loved flashing between different characters and their parts in the show, a lot better than following just one boring storyline.
I think part 2 will beautifully unify all the characters, make sense of each situation and be amazing like the rest of this series! They’ve done a phenomenal job!! ♥️
(A diehard stranger things fan…)
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