Question Streaming from laptop onto Chromebooks

Oct 23, 2023
Hi all, I'm having issues streaming live text from a main laptop to Chromebooks. They keep dropping the connection for a second, which messes things up. The main laptop has 16gb RAM and an i7 processor.

My question is, could there be an issue with the specs of the main laptop? Do you get a better streaming performance with a £2,000 laptop than with an £800 one, or should there be no difference? The Chromebooks CPUs are working at 90/95%, is this an issue?

Sorry if this is obvious, I know nothing about streaming from one device to another.

I've tried streaming over WiFi, ethernet connections and LAN, the problem is the same with all, so it seems like a hardware problem.

I've disabled OneDrive and firewalls on the sending laptop.

If I'm missing anything obvious please tell me!!

Many thanks.