Question Stuck website Cache on both chrome(android) and safari(iOS)?


Jul 20, 2007
Ok, so here is the skinny, Have a ton of domains, Have never had this issue

registered a domain, All my boxes run ubuntu 18 with Plesk obsidian. Normally i wait until a new domain is fully resolved before I add it into my Plesk install, this time I got lazy and impatient and did it before.

Now the problem, every device that stupidly attempted to load the domain before it was resolved, was redirected to my main website. and is stuck there. Every time the domain is put in the URL bar it immediately loads the wrong domain. IE my main website... even though it clearly shows the domain in the address bar, what's worse is it gives ssl errors because you guessed it, it loads my ssl cert from my main website so it doesn't match the address bar URL.

I have been fighting this issue for days, and have begun to believe it is a cache issue on the devices, as I have taken a Samsung galaxy tab and an iPad that have never loaded the website and bam! it loads perfectly fine., but the dummies that tried to load it (Hi dummy here) before the DNS was fully resolved continue to load web content that has nothing to do with the domain.

I can even see in the logs even though Domain is typed in the address bar, and says it is the URL that im being taken to, chrome is actually asking for and the logs show it.

What have I done to attempt to resolve this?
Deleted cache (actually deleted ALL settings in chrome settings)
went to apps->chrome->storage and deleted the cache that way
reset all network settings
turned airplane mode on then off(this is suppose to do the same thing)
Restarted the devices effected

Extreme measures taken ->

deleted the domain in the Plesk install and recreated it, but before recreation I attempted to access the domain, 504 errors as it should on 99% of devices and browsers. On the devices and browsers effected by this issue, it again loaded the website on the left.

here is an example. Samsung s20+ using chrome on the left. Samsung galaxy tab using chrome on the right. Both loading the same domain, but not. (Domains and website names blacked out as I'm looking for clarification at this time, not advertisement)

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