Stuck with black screen after startup, and wireless light is still Orange :( I'm using HP Pavilion TouchSmart 14


Sep 3, 2015
Before I upgraded to windows 10, my laptop was very slow. When I came back home from Vegas a week ago, I used my laptop and it was working okay. I did all the windows 8 updates. Until later, all the wireless connections are gone. I haven't used my laptop til then. My friend tried to help me, even my dad. Now my laptop stopped working. I get a black screen after the startup, I don't see the welcome and login screen, and the wireless light is orange. I tried to find a solution to fix this but none of them seems to work.
Could it be that the windows 8 update crashed my laptop? Please help me :(

I'm using HP Pavilion TouchSmart 14-b109wm, I had this laptop since Christmas 2013, warranty ended in December 24, 2014.


Sep 3, 2015

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