May 16, 2015
I am in the market for a student laptop, as I already have a gaming desktop, but need something more portable.

I am not looking for a powerhouse, just something that can handle word processing, chrome etc. I also need to be able to run some basic coding programs.

I would prefer a Windows device, but I know Windows can be taxing on a laptop in this price range, so I am open to alternatives like a Chromebook.

The two biggest factors are portability (size, weight etc.) and battery life, as long as they meet the threshold of running the programs listed above. Also, I don't know if it's possible in my price range, but an ssd would be nice. The cheaper the better :)

Any Suggestions?


Nov 22, 2010
If you need something really portable and cheap then check: http://www.notebookcheck.net/Acer-Aspire-ES1-131-Notebook-Review.146308.0.html

The problem with this one is that you can't upgrade it to ssd, so with windows installed you have little space left. If 10GB is not enough for you then you can get rid of windows and install linux or you can look for version with 500GB hdd that can be upgraded to ssd (If there are none of ES1-131 then look for ES1-111)..