Student seeking for help


Oct 16, 2014
So here I am, a college student looking for a portable computer . I seeked the internet for advice and they said Macbooks are the best all around laptops, so I thought what the heck I could use a new OS. I'm leaning towards a macbook for now.
I'm a windows user all my life and I currently have a decent PC on my dorm (my high end pc is at my home)..
And I'm currently looking for a laptop I can carry around and replace my desktop as much as possible.

I'm a 2nd year petroleum engineering student and I video edit for our school projects, here I ask, what Macbook or any kind of laptop suggestions should I buy?

What I'll do with it (Highest to lowest) : Browsing the web, streaming/watching 1080p videos, typing documents, editing 1080p(from my S4) videos for our projects and some light gaming like Skyrim andLeague of Legends

My Budget: As expected, a college student such as myself can only fork out 1400$ ( This is the maximum)

I can't buy on amazon knowing I live on the Philippines, which has no amazon like website (as far as I know)

If I'm going to buy a macbook it would be my first apple product other than ipod classic (which I absolutely adored)

I'm thinking of getting 16gbs of ram with the Macbook Pro with Retina display. But I'm hoping to save money so I won't spend all of the 1400$ allowance on the laptop itself.

Maybe I can use a Macbook air or any other laptop. I was looking at a Dell XPS 12 before, but it's really expensive here and even the Yoga Pro 2 is a lot expensive than the norm (maybe due to not having any official stores)

So for now I'm using a desktop (can play Skyrim on high) but it crashes sometimes. I hope you can help me. Thanks a lot.