Stuttering/distortion/horrific audio


May 20, 2012

I recently purchased a new PC that has windows 7 and the 'creative xfi xtremeaudio (5.1)' sound card. However, when I plug my speakers into the back panel (i.e straight into the surround-inputs of the sound card) it makes all the sound go mental (whenever i try to hear anything) - stuttering, distorting, and kinda echoing. I've also noticed that it makes videos on youtube stutter visually.

Does anyone know what this is? Or why this is happening? or how I can fix it?

I'll post more detailed specs if anyone needs it.


When this happens, it can almost always be the drivers or the RAM memory..
delete and reload all the audio drivers, delete and reload all the video drivers.
be sure to download the latest drivers from the manufacturers website...
save the download to the desktop
turn off the antivirus and fire wall before loading the drivers.
restart the computer after loading the drivers and then turn the antivirus and fire wall back on.
click start and type in the box: windows memory test...
run the memory tests, and see if you have a bunk RAM memory stick.
The memory test is built into windows 7. You don't really need to "benchmark" test the memory, just the regular windows diagnostic.
If there is a bad memory stick, it can cause the audio and video to go wild, as you have described.
One more thing that causes this is a defect in the mother board. If you have eliminated drivers and memory as a cause, you may need to swap the motherboard.
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