Stuttering videos in all browsers


Aug 15, 2017

This is my 1st post here, so thanks to anyone who can help, it's really appreciated.

I've been using the same laptop for a few years, but in the last month, I get severe stuttering when watching youtube. The audio goes out of sync and breaks up, and I'm not sure why. Vimeo seems to work fine, but other sites struggle. I think it might be flash sites, but I'm not technical enough to really know what that means.

I get the same issue in Chrome, Firefox and Edge.

This issue doesn't happen when playing audio/video from my laptop through VLC or even when playing with music software like Reason or Ableton. I have no problems playing games either.

I use Windows 10, and I used the Windows Update thing to make sure it's up to date. All browsers are the latest version, and I stripped out the extensions/addons. I made sure Flash was up to date too, as well as my audio and video drivers.

The problem goes away if I clear the browser cache, but this is a very temporary fix. I've fiddled with various settings for about a week, but I can't sort this out.

Please let me know if I can provide more helpful information - and thanks again for any help.