Solved! Subwoofer goes where?

Jan 11, 2019
I just bought a used Pioneer vsx-7500s audio/video stereo receiver. I am trying to connect an RCA subwoofer to it but there is no subwoofer input in the back. The subwoofer has the option to use the black and red wires (hi-level input.. output) or a low level input wire... on the receiver I have an open CONTROL IN and OUT and a A CENTER AMP PRE OUT... could i use either of those or should I use the black and read component wires and hook up to speaker inputs
Since that receiver doesn't have a line level subwoofer output you will need to use the high level inputs on the subwoofer. You would connect them to the same terminals as the front left/right speakers. If the sub has high level outputs then it may be more convenient to connect the front speakers there. Just makes for neater wiring this way. No sonic advantage unless the subwoofer has a high pass crossover on the high level output. Most don't. Check the manual to be sure.
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