Subwoofer help please


Feb 27, 2016
So i have 2 bookshelf speakers now connected to a mini hifi main station and that connected to my laptop. What i would like is to purchase a non expensive sub-woofer since this speakers do not satisfy me enough with the bass. What i was thinking is to buy a sub-woofer that has a built it amp so i dont have to buy an extra one and i came across this auna line sub-woofer. It has a built in amp and as i understand you can also connect speakers to it and all together connect to a computer.

Here's the link of the sub: -

Here's the link to this sub on the otehr side so you can see the back side: -

So im just interested if i can really connect these bookshelf speakers to this sub and all together to my laptop.
The description on the website about connecting surround speakers and sources directly to the sub make no sense at all. The sub itself doesn't have amps for the bookshelf speakers only the subwoofer. They would give a power rating for those amps if it did.
It will work fine however used with the hifi you already have.
Connect the mini hifi main station speaker out to the speaker level inputs on the sub and the bookshelf speakers to the speaker level output. Your hifi is still powering the bookshelf speakers and tapping into the signal to feed the subwoofer amp. Will work fine.