Subwoofer not producing sound when connected to motherboard (Yamaha YSTFSW050BL Subwoofer)

Jan 27, 2019
So Ive recently bought a subwoofer (Yamaha YSTFSW050BL Subwoofer) to connect to my pc. I already have my LOGITECH Z200 Multimedia 2.0 PC Speakers connected (which come with 1 3.5mm audio jack for both speakers)

The sub has 2 slots on the back, one labelled input and another labelled system connector.

So i plugged the rca from the sub input to my motherboard via a 3.5mm to female rca adapter. Then i plugged my logitech speakers into the adjacent port labelled "rear" on my mobo.
After selecting 5.1 and only selecting sub and speakers in the realtek hd audio manager, i tested to see if they all work, which they did.
But once i play any other sound (youtube/windows media player) absolutely no sound comes through either of the sub or the speaker.

So ive read through all the forums and im really confused as to why my sub and speakers arent working and hence creating a thread here.

Few things to note, i dont have a receiver (not quite sure what it is), on the 3.5mm audio jack i have 2 female rca and i tried plugging it into both in this setup. I can confirm the sub works (tested it with my tv).

Another way that actually allowed my sub to work was when i connected my logitech to the front panel of my pc and then plugged the sub into the logitech speakers (the speaker has output for earphones and another output with a music symbol) but this makes my sub sound much weaker compared to when i had it plugged into my tv.

I would really appreciate some help regarding this as im baffled.



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