Subwoofer: RCA from speaker wire


May 21, 2015
A newbie into the audio world trying to find a solution. Is there a way I can use the speaker wire to connect yamaha receiver to the amplified subwoofer? More details:

I was redoing my living room and so added in-ceiling speakers. Yamaha receiver sits in the attic and so connected the speaker wire to all the speakers. Also, I bought a Klipsch Sub-12 subwoofer (amplified) for the setup. Being a rookie, I had drawn speaker wires for the subwoofer as well. Since the walls are completely done and painted, I cannot draw a RCA cable from my receiver to the subwoofer through the walls.

Yamaha receiver has a single RCA out for subwoofer, but my cable is a speaker wire. Also, Klipsch Sub-12 subwoofer has a single RCA in, but my wall jacks are banana plugs.

Is there a way I can use the speaker wire to connect yamaha receiver to the amplified subwoofer? or Drawing a RCA cable outside the walls is the only solution?


Feb 18, 2015

Speaker wire will be fine, but make sure you are having lower input coming through and not 600 watts coming over that. You can put an rca plate over the speaker wire to make it easy.
Could you by chance pull the old speaker wire out and fish a coax line in its place? You can use rg6 coax for this application.
If there is any 90 degree spots in the pull (like say at an attic or crawlspace) that will require you to be at that location.
Wrap a piece of pulling twine (sold at lowes and home depot as well as online) very tightly around speaker wire 4-5 times and thoroughly tape it electric tape. Then pull speaker wire out (you will need to physically go to any location that has 90 degree bends to pull) and pull the speaker cable and twine through until you have removed the speaker wire and the twine goes from point A to B. I highly suggest one of these for pulling the coax through:
Now push the coax at least half way into the device above and attach the cable/fishtailz to the twine by tying the twine very well to the loop on the fishtailz.
Now just slowly pull the twin from the other end to fish the coax back through the wall, as with the speaker wire you will need to manually pull and position the cable at any spot where it 90 degrees in attic or crawlspace.

Digital coax has 75 ohm impedance that your speaker wire will not provide well. While you can technically wire the speaker wire to a coax plug and use the - as the ground, it will not likely sound very good.

What is an RCA jack? 2 pieces of wire with a plug on the end. What is speaker wire, 2 pieces of wire without an end. As long as the gauge is a good enough gauge, put an end on it and plug it in. It's not sending any watts or power, it's a powered sub, so the amp is only sending a line level signal.

People are over complicating this.


Dec 16, 2011
The simple solution given here by many posters (just put RCA jacks at both ends, plug and enjoy) will work. Only potential problem might be some interference caused from non-shielded, non-twisted long cable used for weak analog audio. If the output and input are low impedance (600 Ohm or less), interference will not be a problem i think.