Subwoofer + Speakers won't play simultaneously


Mar 11, 2015
So I just bought a second hand PC & I'm having an odd issue - The speaker set consists of two front speakers that channel through a subwoofer and plug into the pc through the green audio port. Subwoofer requires 12v AC power.

When I play music, anything really bassy skips every time the subwoofer comes into play - It's as if the computer will allow both the subwoofer and the front speakers to work, but just not at the same time. One won't play with the other.

The speakers were working fine previously - until the previous owner formatted and reinstalled windows. Any Ideas?

Specs below:

Windows 8.1 - Fully updated today 11 Mar'15
Speakers: Creative Inspire M2600
Audio Driver: Realtek HD Audio Manager


Mar 11, 2015

It's currently set to "stereo", but there is no option for 2.1 - The only other options are quadrophonic, 5.1 and 7.1


Stereo should be the right one to work but apparently not in this case.
You could try selecting 5.1 as a speaker configuration then uncheck all the individual speakers apart from the front left and right this will allow you to check the bass management box which may improve matters.
It may be worth trying the speakers on a different source such as a phone or iPod to see if the problem lies with the speakers or the computer.
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