Ethan Hormann

Feb 7, 2016
so ive had a sony str-dh550 hooked up to my self built PC for a while (was 7, now running 10)

my setup looks like this
ASUS z97i motherboard
EVGA Nvidia 960 GPU (compact for a mini itx build)

Sony STR-DH550 5.2 suround stereo (only use 5.1)
JBL ES20 book shelf L+R front
JBL ES150 Subwoofer
goodwill sony center and surounds
using HDMI for all of my conections (new cables)
connections all go from my pc, xbox, and cable box into stereo, then the stereo has one HDMI output to the TV

so the story goes for about a 8 months i had everything working excellent. i was running 5.1 on 192khz 24bit encoding and it was doing everything perfect. it played through all the speakers the DOLBY atmos tests sounded correct and amazing i might add.
everything kept working even after i updated to windows 10
also im running this through my graphics card using the nvidia HD audio.

however a month ago for seemingly no reason, my sub-woofer stopped working when i had it set to 5.1 mode on my audio configuration settings for my PC. if i go in the configuration and test 5.1 all the speakers and the sub works right there, but if i go play music i can hear no bass, and i watch the standby light on my sub turn red (indicating off due to no signal)

the funny thing i found out a few days later is if i change it to either quadraphonic or suround (not 5.1 but basic L R Center and one Rear with no subwoofer specifically) it will then play using the sub, which i assume is my stereo decoding it to send the sub a signal, not my pc being wise...

if anyone has any ideas or has seen similar problems i would like to hear as i have searched and searched and cant find anything quite like this (please tell me this is just to simple for me to have tried yet and it will take 2 seconds) ill be happy to admit im a moron =P

if you have any questions, ill be on frequently to see whats up.

new update: when playing BF4 and have it configured for 5.1 it will use the sub. but spotify and itunes and everything else still wont use it.

Thank you all in advance - a poor bass deprived man...


Turn off all security and firewalls.
Delete all existing audio software and dolby drivers.
Re-load all drivers from manufacturers website, and from Dolby website.
(do not trust third party websites, make sure you get software from original source only)
Make sure the new software drivers are compatible w/ win 10.
Restart and test audio...
turn security and firewalls back on.

Widows update may have corrupted or disabled the drivers and or software. (happens frequently)
OR, windows update may have been incompatible with Asus board.

Ethan Hormann

Feb 7, 2016

gave this a shot. no dice, i had reinstalled the drivers prior but i tried again. also tried optical vs hdmi again no luck.
the first thing i would have done is re-rolled to an earlier restore point before the issue happened. not sure how w10 handles such things but w7 its easy enough. it could be some setting which was changed or some borked driver. i've lost count of how many stupid yet frustrating issues i've fixed this way which were due to either a bad update or random glitch.

i'm certainly thinking its a setting or something not being translated right to the receiver as given that the sub works in speaker test and in some games your pc is set to 5.1 correctly. could be a windows update screwing it up, could be random bug hard to say at this point.

is your receiver still set to auto-surround? does changing modes affect you? try on your pc without any dolby atmos with just the barebones gpu drivers installed. (after you tried a re-roll).

if you're getting the issues after swapping from w7 to w10 and cant reroll.. then its hard to say.. guessing incompatibility somewhere in the drivers.

rolling a 5.1 myself.. no sub would certainly be unfortunate. however i'll trade your issue for amp-protect mode any day. my receiver likes to trip and i need to use the (hidden.. not easily found) reset codes to get it working again. you know its going to be a good night when you turn the system on and you get no audio at all :)