Suggestion for buyinng a laptop

ganesh 47

Oct 30, 2012
i want to know which one laptop is longlasting long life

dell or lenovo or hp

user friendly, battery life and so on my budget is 40 000 rupees in india


Without actually visiting those laptop manufacturers’ websites myself and viewing dozens of laptops to compare i will say they use almost identical hardware.

If you’re after long life battery systems, new laptops do pretty good. Depends what you want to do with it, if it’s just word documents, surfing the web, streaming videos and storing files then anything new with average specs will get you a long way with any of those brands.

The minute you spend on something with 'gaming' hardware you'll be keeping it close to a wall socket for power, guarantee it :)

As for user friendly, really that depends which operating system your expecting to have on it. Windows 7 is quite nice but if you're limited to windows 8 already there in india then thats ok too! We're here if you run into trouble, but it should be ok :)