Suggestions Needed - Trying to Transfer one Laptop to Another


Oct 13, 2015
I have two laptops - one is a 14" HP Ultrabook-type system running Windows 7 64bit. It is my work laptop and has programs specific to my job, used through a VPN client. I also have Microsoft Office 2013 Standard on this machine.

The other laptop is my own, a nicer 17" with better specs (Lenovo Y70). It is running Windows 10.

What I'm attempting to accomplish is to somehow stop using the 14" and transfer over to the 17" system. I'm going blind trying to work 8hrs+ per day on the smaller screen. I do appreciate the portability of the 14" and, ideally, would like to have both systems available to swap between (i.e. for travel) if possible.

My initial idea was to connect one to the other and work off the 17" screen. I'm finding this is unlikely, as I've learned from browsing around the forums that laptops with an HDMI-in are rare. I know I could easily plug the 14" into an external monitor or television, but this is not a viable solution, unfortunately. So, my next idea was to swap the hard drive from the 14" with the 17" or, even better, have the hard drive from the 14" in an external enclosure and just boot up from it. I'm also finding this is not going to work.

My last thought was to clone the 14" hard drive and restore it to the 17". I'm a little iffy on the logistics of this and seeing very mixed reviews on the available software with which one can do this.

The only "paid" program involved is Office. I'm not looking for a way around the licensing and am more than happy to purchase a second license for the other laptop. The other programs are industry-specific to my work and do not involve licensing per computer (in case of piracy concerns).

Anyone have any ideas?