Suggestions on laptops for Adobe After Effects

Kandiimann Shane

Mar 10, 2014
Hi everyone, I need a very powerful laptop for after effects and I'm having a very hard time finding the perfect one. I can spend up to $3000 and I want RAM previews to load as fast as possible. Any ideas?

what do you guys think of this laptop from with the following specs

Case ADK - 8600 HW: 17.3" 1920 x 1080 Full HD (16:9) LED Backlit LCD (Matte) Backlite
Power Supply Included
Processor Intel - i7 4800MQ 2.7GHz 6M cache Quad Core with HT (turbo to 3.7GHz)
Memory ADK - 32Gig (4x8gig) 1600 11-11-11-28 Sodimm Lifetime Warranty
Operating System Microsoft - Windows 7 Pro 64 bit OEM
Recovery Software Paragon Backup & Recovery 12 Suite with ADK recovery Flash Drive.
OS/Programs Drive Samsung - 256 GB 840 Pro 2.5" Internal Solid State Drive
Source Drive Western Digital - 750G 7200RPM Hard Drive 16meg cache 5 yr warranty
Render Drive None
Cache/Storage None
Removable Media None
External Raid none
Raid Controller None
FW/USB/e-Sata None
DVD-RW/BDR Included CD-RW/DVD read/write
Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 870MX w/6GB GDDR5
Video I/O None
NIC Included Wired 1GB and Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC and Blue Tooth 4.0
Mouse None
Warranty Standard 1 yr Parts and Labor Lifetime Tech Support
Converter None
Audio Interface None
Audio Software NONE
NLE Software NONE
Plug-ins/DSP NONE
8600 HW Price: $2,832.00
Description: 15 and 17 inch 4nd Gen Intel (Haswell) Quad Core i5, i7 Laptop. up to 32 gig ram and 4 internal HDDs, on board TEXAS INSTRUMENTS FIREWIRE 400

can anyone recommend something better for around the same price or is this a really good system?


Oct 30, 2013
Seems a bit overkill. But otherwise it looks really really nice I just bought a Samsung ativ book 8 for use with sony vegas 12 and adobe cs6, and it works f'n great. Laptop is last years sandy bridge quad core i7, 16gb ram, 1 tb Samsung 840 evo ssd, and amd 8770m gpu. Laptop is 15', touchscreen which I don't care about or use, battery lasts 8-10 hours, 4+ hours on heavy intensive. Laptop was 1299, ssd was 499, and ram was 79. So for 1900 I got an extremely portable 5lb, great battery 8-10 hours, sleek looking laptop.

Now to help and nit pick yours, the 4800 cpu will barely be noticeable performance wise and costs a good chunk more, memory 32gb is good, but other than using a bunch for ram disk I very much doubt youll need that much. The ability to have 2 hard drives is great, but will take away battery life. The graphics card is massive, but that's more towards gaming and not so much rendering capabilities, but it will definitely shave some rendering time off compared to mine.

So, if you want a heavy, large, desktop replacement, id recommend asus g750 gaming laptop, wait and get the new one with 800m series graphics, should run 2500's, but offers great performance, best in class cooling, and same upgrade options as the one you posted, but offers a 3 year warrenty, 1 year accidental included, and its just great. But its large, heavy, but it is the best portable desktop replacement ive ever used. If you want to spend less and get portability, id def recommend the Samsung ativ book 8.
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