Surface Go 2 vs iPad: Which tablet is right for you?

Jun 3, 2019
This review really lacks context, as it primarily reviews the two devices on a pure tablet basis (with a brief nod to Windows 10 Home). Because of an insurmountable lead in the pure tablet app universe, the iPad comes in strong as just a tablet. However, if you are looking for a productivity device, the Surface Go 2 wins hands down. Even with PadOS 13.5 trackpad support, the keyboard, mouse, and most importantly file management is a shadow of what Windows provides. Add to this that SG2 is great at iTunes (videos), Netflix, Disney Plus, Prime Video, and YouTube, and you have a good overall experience. It lacks as a reading and gaming device, but then even Samsung has made little inroad into pure Android tablet space against iPad.

If you want a pure tablet experience, stay in the walled garden. If you need more, SG2 is much better than a tie with iPad.


Apr 10, 2007
I'm reading this article because my iPad is no longer receiving system and security updates after 2.5 years. You didn't factor that into the cost of the iPad. You HAVE to buy a new one every 3 years; after they intentionally slow it down a couple of times before they make it prematurely obsolete.
I'm writing this on a 9 year old laptop.