Surface Laptop 5 — it feels like Microsoft has given up

Oct 16, 2022
The Surface Laptop 5 should set the design standard for Windows 11 laptops — only it doesn’t.

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Totally agree with you - I’m a mac user but always appreciated the unique design that the surface laptop has (eg magnesium alloy, keyboard with good travel, and 3:2 aspect ratio).

I was eagerly looking forward to an improved design this year for the surface laptop 5, especially after having seen what Microsoft did with the surface laptop studio. In particular, I was expecting 120hz, thinner bezels, and haptic/force trackpad - ie all the latest tech found in the laptop studio but ported over to the surface laptop.

So I was sorely disappointed when they showed off the laptop 5. Even the surface pro looked the same. And I tried to understand why: surface devices just don’t have the sales volumes to justify changing the hardware. Insignificant sales volumes > immaterial impact to company’s bottom line > no real push to improve/innovate to actually compete. But then again it’s a chicken and egg thing no? If they bothered to compete, sales volumes might end up being high enough.

But I think they know that the sales volume they’re looking for is just not possible with the segment they’re playing in: mid-premium windows laptops. It’s hard - not only are there other notable brands selling windows laptops in this segment, Apple’s m1/2 laptops are taking away PC market share from these brands + Microsoft. Without a clear edge, the surface team is left to make do with the current sales volume (and corresponding support by the company). Regardless, I’m still hopeful that things in future change and that laptop 6 might be the one!
Oct 8, 2022
To be clear, the notch on the MacBook Air isn't a design feature. It's listed as a con in the review. You get bezels AND a notch for some unknown reason .