Surround rear synch Laptop


Dec 28, 2016
Hi guys how are you. Having a slight problem with my laptop.

Currently having a problem synching my rear surrounds 5.1. By synching I mean getting them to act at the right time such as when there a sound from the back .

Currently it is set to play the same noise coming from the front, is this truly how surround sound is? And if not can you please tell me how I can change this.


Dec 28, 2016
I use HDMI connect , and I tested with a YouTube 5.1 surround sound test.

Stereo would only activate my 2 front speakers , nothing else.

I'm selecting the option DSP "All Ch 5"

I see.

There was an exact post like yours just the other day.

The problem is {slap on forehead} simple, youtube "surround tracks" are not actually surround. Youtube can only send you stereo. Why they put 'em there, the heck if I know, ask Youtube. So you have to upgrade your resources and find another source for your surround test track.
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