Surround sound doesn't sound 'surround'


May 21, 2016
I just bought the Logitech g633s, and first thing i tried out was the surround sound test. But when i try it the surround sound just sounds like stereo. I am using the integrated sound card on my motherboard, which is an msi z270 sli plus, and i dont know if that can do 7.1. I'm a real noob when it comes to audio so please ignore any stupid mistakes that i might have written. Thanks!
People who usually have this kind of issue is..... they are playing a stereo source.

1. I assume you went through the hardware configuration, and the test sent a signal to EACH speaker and that worked as it should.

2. Which brings to my original assertion, WHAT EXACTLY are you playing? A surround bluRay would be ideal. A track from YouTube that says surround? EH! is fake, all YouTubes offerings are in stereo no matter what it says.


May 21, 2016

i am playing the surround sound test on the Logitech gaming software. Would that not give me actual 7.1 audio?
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