Question Surround Sound from firestick 4k

Nov 27, 2019

Total noob here. I have for sometime been using my old Samsung HD tv with a broken sound card. To solve this, I have used the optical out from my ps4 to a sound bar.

I recently acquired a firestick 4k and an old Sony Surround sound system (STS 1100). This has 2 hdmi inputs which I've connected the ps4 and firestick, and one hdmi out which is going to the tv.

There is no audio from the surround system but it does output to the tv. Unfortunately as the sound card is broken, it sounds awful.

There are digital audio inputs for the two hdmi sockets, but I thought hdmi passes the audio signal itself?

I can connect the ps4 via the optical socket easily enough, but how could I get the audio to the surround sound from the firestick? I'd settle for 2 channel audio, if that's all I can get.

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