Surround Sound Issues


Sep 27, 2012
I've recently bought a Samsung HT-TZ222 Home Theatre system. I've tried hooking it up with my Sony KLV-32V300A LCD TV. I've been trying for days but cant seem to get all 5 speakers to work when watching regular TV programs. Is the reason because of the lack of Optical out port on my TV or am I wiring something wrong? Even without the Optical out on my tv, will i be able to achieve 5.1 surround sound or will 2.1 be the best i can get given my TV?
I might be able to get a Sharp Sharp LC-52P7M LCD TV. Will i be able to achieve 5.1 surround sound if i hook my HT system to that TV instead? Or will that TV be incapable or 5.1 too?

Thanks in advance everyone
The analog output on the TV will not get you digital surround sound but if you can set the HT system to Dolby and not auto you should get Dolby Pro-Logic surround sound on those programs that are in surround sound.
Make sure you have gone through the set up of the HT system so that the speaker levels are set correctly. If you have a set top box for you TV then you can use the digital output from there.