Surround sound only using left and right. Can't hear anything in front or behind.


Jan 4, 2015
So recently my 7.1 surround sound headset has decided that only the left and right are gonna work. But it ain't on stereo. I can't hear anything in front of me. Or behind me. I have to turn to the side to hear any of that. No idea why. Didn't touch anything. Maybe a windows update did it. But even unplugging it and plugging it in again don't work.

Anyway I have a Logitech G430 headset. Been working fine in surround sound for months. Now it's doing this. Any suggestions?

Phillip Corcoran

Yeah, think about it, how do you expect to get real surround-sound through a pair of headphones? - - - it just ain't gonna happen.

Clever wording & marketing by the headphone manufacturers - - and users expecting the real thing without having to place speakers around the room. All headphones should be regarded as stereo, even the simulated surround-sound ones.

If you want to hear sound in front and behind you, put speakers there - - lol


Jun 27, 2015
this is because headset surround sound is fake "simulated" surround sound and it never works well in headsets. this may be an issue with your head set or you just have become tuned to the "surround sound" so it does not sound as good as it used to.
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