Surround Sound setup


Sep 14, 2013
I'm looking to buy a surround sound speaker setup for my parents for Christmas, but I know almost nothing when it comes to the home theater and that stuff, so I'm wondering, what's a solid mid range speaker system for good surround sound. I'm looking for something like 2 speakers and a subwoofer, or maybe a bar under the TV too, I'm not sure. Also, they probably dont want wires everywhere, so would there be a decent way to hide them or can I get one that are like bluetooth or wireless or something? Probably <=$400 would be nice.
A surround sound system has to have at least 5 speakers (plus subwoofer which is the ,1 in 5.1). A 2.1 system would be 2 speakers + sub or soundbar + sub. You can't stream from a TV to the system but some systems have wireless connections for the rear speakers and subwoofer.
Given your price range I would suggest that a soundbar with wireless subwoofer would be your best bet. Easier to set up and use too. Try to listen before buying. It is usually more important that the sound be clear at low or modest volume with bass that is not overpowering (especially for your parents).
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