Surround sound system not making any sound!

Jun 16, 2018
Hi, I'm really bad at anything to do with technology so please go easy! I've got a Samsung Smart TV and a Sony S-master Digital Amplifier for surround sound, I've connected it through hdmi, I've tested the speakers and they are all connected right and working but no sound is coming from the TV, I know I'm missing something but not sure what, please help! Please reply in the simplest terms you can! Thank you!
To use HDMI-ARC to get sound from the TV back to the Sony they both have to support it. I suspect the Sony is to old to have it.
Your TV likely has an optical digital audio output. You will need a Toslink audio cable. Check the manual for the TV how to to turn it on and configure it in the TV menu. Select that input on the Sony.
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