Question Surround sound Visio TV to kenwood KR-v6070

Jan 11, 2020

Hoping you all may have some thoughts for what to do here. I inherited a surround sound system that was working when I purchased my house last year, but I cant for the life of me figure out how to get it to work with my visio TV. The aound system has 4 speakers. Two are build into the ceiling and two are physical speakers that sit on either side of the TV.

For the speakers that sit on either side of the TV, it appears one is dominant and the second side of the TV speaker feeds off an audio stream from the first. The first speaker has red audio input cable. I am not sure where on the receiver this red/black should plug into.

The two built in speakers appear to wire directly into the "front speakers" inserts on the receiver.

I feel like i have tried every possible combination for hooking up my tv and the speakers with no luck. Needless to say nothing plays sound.

Any thoughts on what needs to connect where to get this working? Hoping that maybe there is something I've missed...

Also, if I can get it working and want to add a sound bar, would that just hook in to the "center speaker" input?

I tried to add photos but apparently the forum isn't letting me so here is a link to all of them (back of TV, back of receiver, back of both speakers to the sides of the TV, picture of audio input cable for speaker 1)pinterest link to photos

Thanks so much in advance for any ideas!
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