Question Suspicious site while searching on my phone

May 19, 2021
Hello, I have a problem!

So I created a Facebook account for a friend of mine and we used her phone number, instead of email during the registration. After we were done, Facebook showed that I turned on SMS notifications and since I didn't know what it was (never used a phone number for Facebook), I searched on my phone how to turn it off.

I searched in Google what to do and found some sites and tapped them one by one (they were legit sites), however one of the links gave me a "Congratulations!!!" message (the site preview in Google showed useful information, that's why I tapped it, although it was not a link I was familiar with). I immediately exited the page (did not gave any information) and searched my phone with an Antivirus (Avast) and Google Play Protect, but they found nothing unusual.

I scanned the URL's (the browsing history showed 3 links opened) in Virustotal and one of them showed up as "phishing" in Google Safebrowsing (but only there, so 1 out of 88, every other engine showed it as clean), while the other two were clean (one showed up as "Suspicious" in the engine, every other engine was clean).

Should I be worried? Should I do a factory reset and change every password? The phone shows nothing unusual..

I did the same search again and that site now doesn't show up in the search results.

My phone's a Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite with Android 11.

Edit: checked one of the links again (the Congratulations link) in Virustotal and now 3 engines show it as either Phishing or Malware (Google Safebrowsing, Kaspersky and Sophos), the other two links were fine.
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It's not likely that anything got installed on the phone, really up to you if you want to wipe the phone. I would not bother. Unless you were entering your passwords in any odd site or form the passwords should be fine also.
May 19, 2021
I did no such thing, just clicked the site and once I saw the message I instantly closed Chrome. Also checked the latest apps installed and no new apps were installed. Just to be safe I cleared cookies and changed my Google password (not sure if I should change every password, that I used on my phone, like Facebook, Discord, ...). Never used my browser for logging in to sites, only Google (which it automatically does).
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