Question Switching from a Samsung Note 3 to a Moto G200

Jan 11, 2023
Hi, I’ve read a lot of info about transferring data from an old phone to a new phone but I’m still rather confused.

At first I thought it would be easy - just get a nano SIM card with the same telephone number and place it in my new phone, Moto G, as the SIM card in my old phone, Samsung Note 3, is larger. The instructions in the Moto advise not to cut cut the old SIM card. I would like to keep both phones using the same phone number, at least until I stop using the Note 3. I’ve read that you can have two phones with the same number but unfortunately it’s not done in the country where I live (Malta).

So I would like to know how to go about transferring my data from my old phone to my new phone without changing my number. The new Moto can take two SIM cards, I have already bought a new SIM card with a new number for the Moto but I don’t want to change my old number. I only feel that my contacts, apps and photos are the most important not to lose.

Sorry for the long post and thank you for any advice. Hope I have explained my problem properly.
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