Question sync cloud data to iPad internal storage

Dec 1, 2021
Hi there. I'm new to iOS products. Currently an Android user, but am hoping to make the switch to iPads. However, I have a scenario that I use on the Android tablet that I need to be able to do on an iPad and I'm hoping someone can help me find the solution.

I need to have the iPad sync a folder (and all subfolders and files) from a cloud service (doesn't have to be iCloud) to the iPad's internal storage, so the files can be accessed when offline. It would be a bonus if I could schedule this sync to happen at certain times of the day (when I know the tablet will be in a WiFi zone). The sync only needs to happen one way - from cloud storage to iPad internal storage.

On Android, I used an app called FolderSync and it worked very well. However, I could not find this same app in the App Store.

Does anyone know of a way this can be done on iOS? The iPad currently has iOS 14.7.1, but am happy to update to iOS 15, if it's a requirement.