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Oct 13, 2018
While the potential for higher speed, lower latency, etc are wonderful to ponder, I haven't seen any articles or reviews comment on what might be of even greater value - increased net coverage.

With TMobile's recent launch of standalone 5g, it has been said that signal will propagate farther, and offer better in-building penetration than currently available from it's 4g LTE network.

Any light you can shed on the degree to which this can actually improve user experience by rendering service available in areas where 4g is spotty or at its fringe?
Feb 9, 2021
Color me unimpressed.

T-Mobile coverage maps show 5G coverage here in San Francisco, but I've yet to get a 5G connection with my Pixel 4a (5G) anywhere in or around San Francisco, not even right next to a claimed 5G tower, even with the necessary R15 SIM.

When I asked at a T-Mobile store what I had to do to get a 5G connection, the answer was "drive to Santa Clara" (over 40 miles away) because "there is no 5G service in San Francisco, only in parts of the South Bay and East Bay."

I filed a complaint with the FCC on the coverage map issue, and got a call in response from the T-Mobile "executive office" with a promise to check with the "network team" and get back to me, but I've not yet gotten that promised call back.