News T-Mobile Expands Its Wireless Plans for Seniors: Which Option Is Best for You?

Jul 13, 2020
The Magenta 55 Unlimited is also available with one line, for a flat $50/month. That's a better deal than what I'm paying now ($70.) But I can't get a straight answer out of T-Mobile as to whether the international high-speed data roaming add-on is available. Normally if I travel internationally, I can pay for a data pass that gives me high-speed data while I am overseas. But it's not clear that this option exists with the Magenta 55 plan.

Of course, nobody is going to be traveling overseas anytime soon, so maybe I should switch to Magenta 55 anyway. I can always switch plans again if I need to get faster international data whenever we can start traveling again.

Does anyone know the answer as to whether the international data add-ons can be purchased with the Magenta 55 Unlimited plan?