News T-Mobile is the top wireless carrier in the Tom's Guide Awards 2020

Jun 29, 2020
Aggressive rollout of 5G shouldn't be the main basis of a 'Top wireless carrier' award, but actual service. T-Mobile's urban service (in my area) is quite good, however, dealing with them for service outside of urban/suburban has been nothing pleasant. While they have made claims of service in many areas ('4G LTE verified' no less), many of these areas are 'No Service'. T-Mobile's 'Office of Executive Management' has been not really cared about this, and effectively told me to find another carrier, claiming that they will 'not' fix the map, or the service and that was their "final statement on the matter". I've used all the various carriers, and in this regard, I've found T-Mobile to be the worst, even if their actual customer service reps/T-Force reps are fine and friendly. There are multiple locations, and many I have called in for issues typically will take 'up to a year' to address. Eg. "New" 5G service in a SoCal community... speeds are typically 0.5Mbps. Will take 12 months. Service in Estes Park, CO... 98% packet loss... will take +8 months. This is not a proper way to run an enterprise corporation.