Tablet for fathers Buissiness need help choosing


Jan 6, 2013
So my dad has a very small time business he has only a couple employees including myself. He is a landscaper, we make rockwall's, patios, walkways, and number of other things but its getting to the size where he is getting a website and such. His birthday is coming up soon and i thought itd be a good idea to get him a tablet for both business and personal use. He is always trying to show clients pictures of previous work with the 2" ring binder full of pictures some 2-3 years old and look like crap because the picture has faded and such.

Ive been looking at the Surface Rt and the Surface 2, the 2 is a bit to expansive for me i know the rt should be able to do what he wants The RT i really like the USB port, Mini-HDMi and SD card reader he would take advantage of all of those fully. I am personally fed up with Apple. But we all have iPhones and that's the only current technology he really uses. So im wondering if getting him an older gen iPad would be easier for him to learn to use and get used to??

This is mainly for business so that's why i lean towards the surface. but i lean towards apple because thats all hes known when it comes to touch sc\screen technology, he rarely uses a computer so its literally all he knows haha but would be a huge help for him in quite a few ways.

He will use it to show pictures, do out rough sketches of areas for clients, upload download pictures/videos. Personally he wont use it for much other then browsing the internet every now and then.

Let me know what you guys think, the price point of the surface rt is great!
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