Tablet won't charge or turn on

Aviv Komemi

Sep 15, 2016
I used to use an Akai tablet running android. I bought it maybe 4-5 years ago. Anyways after not using it for about 2 years I recently stumbled upon its charger and decided to revive the old thing just for the heck of it. When I plugged it into the charger, a little red light started blinking, but there was no indication that it was charging. Five hours later, the red light is still blinking but there is no sign of it charging and it won't turn on.

Is it possible that the tablets battery is beyond hope after 5 years, when half of that time it saw no use at all?
After that long I would say the battery is gone. And, you may want to check internally to make sure the battery hasn't done other harm to the tablet as well.