Question TB Recon 200 Headset not working on right side

Nov 3, 2020

I have spent quite a while trying to sort this headset out on my PC so i can play Modern warfare with friends. the mic i have is a turtle beach recon 200 which i bought to use for my PS4. i have since decided to migrate to PC to game which so far has been a struggle because of this issue. i checked before hand if my headset was compatible with PC and it is. I bought a splitter cable and have plugged the 3.5mm jack into the pc using the splitter.

at this point i have full audio coming through and it sounds great; both sides working. however when i try use my mic it picks up the game sound the system sounds and makes an awful noise. i have done just about everything on the internet that i could find to sort this. Drivers/default device/gone through the entire sound control panel/balanced the levels, the lot but still nothing.

when i go to plug in my headset via USB with the main jack still plugged in my mic now works fine & no system or game sounds. but now i have the issue where i can only hear on the left side of my head.

I am close to buying a new headset although i dont think i even need to. i would be eternally grateful if someone can help me resolve this issue.

if i havent elaborated enough let me know!

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