News TCL’s new quantum dot Mini-LED TV embarrasses OLED TVs in one big way

May 18, 2023
Wow talk about focussing on the wrong thing with reviews for TVs.
With my experience with these I believe manufacturers should be focusing on features, mainly

User interface and a Powerful processor serving needs to make it responsive.
Air mouse like LG magic remote.
Ensure apps like YouTube etc are still supported 10 years plus.

These are the biggest issues I see manufacturers not tackling adequately.

I have a 2011 LG 4K 3D tv which uses Magic remote and love it butttt, havve had to switch to firetv stick for media needs since the YouTube app is glitchy making it unusable. No 3D upgrade options also leave me with no option but to stay out of this race to own the best. Frankly when I go to the shops and check out new TVs, I really see no difference in visual representation of videos etc so don't see the point to upgrade anyway